Broom Cottages Primary and Nursery School

Broom Cottages Primary and Nursery School

Broom Cottages Primary and Nursery School, Broom Road, Ferryhill, County Durham, DL17 8AN

01740 651 363




A very warm welcome from all our staff here at Broom Cottages Primary & Nursery School.


Broom Cottages Primary and Nursery School Staff 2015 - Photograph courtesy of TEMPEST PHOTOGRAPHY

Meet Our Staff



Mr Sean Kavanagh (Safeguarding Officer)




Deputy Headteacher

Mr Stuart Shields (Assessment / Behaviour / Data Protection Officer / Gifted and Talented / Safeguarding Officer)




Business Manager

Miss Melody Hockaday (Health and Safety)





Our Foundation Stage Team


Mrs Carrie Shannon (PSHE / LGBTQ / Safeguarding Officer)

Mrs Sharon O'Kell (First Aid)

Miss Stacey I'Anson




Mrs Laura McCormick (Foundation Stage Lead / R.E. Co-ordinator / Reading Leader)

Mrs Diane Shafto (Foundation Stage Lead / Reading Leader / First Aid)

Mrs Louise Marr (First Aid)





Our Key Stage 1 Team

Miss Leanne Atkinson (Computing Co-ordinator)

Miss Amanda Cooper (Art Co-ordinator)

Miss Amy Powton (D.T. Co-ordinator)


Mrs Leanne Storey (Key Stage 1 / 1:1 Phonics Intervention / First Aid)

Mrs. Sue Waldock (Key Stage 1 / 1:1 Phonics Intervention)





Our Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Mr Philip Graham (Leader of Years 1 to 3 / Maths Co-ordinator / First Aid)

Mrs Rachel Simpson (Music Co-ordinator)

Mrs Claire Trueman (Media Co-ordinator)

Mrs Sophie Younger (MFL Co-ordinator)

Mrs Michelle Scorer (First Aid)





Our Upper Key Stage 2 Team

Mrs Jemma Etherington (Leader of Years 4 to 6 / English / Accelerated Reader)

Mrs Helen Chilvers (History and Geography Co-ordinator)

Mrs Ellen Kean (Science Co-ordinator)

Miss Jessica Wheatley (P.E. Co-ordinator / First Aid)

Mrs Lesley Rose

Mrs Deborah Brown (1:1 Phonics Intervention / First Aid)

Mrs Joanne Hocking





Swimming Instructors

Mrs Linda Warwick





Sports Apprentice

Miss Chloe Storey (First Aid)




Our Admin Team

Mrs Lynn Price (Secretary)

Miss Erica Daniels





Mrs Patricia Hicks (Safeguarding Officer)




Speech and Language

Miss Dot Palmer (Counsellor / First Aid / Safeguarding Officer)






Our Kitchen Staff, Lunchtime Supervisors and Breakfast Club


Mrs Angela Herron (Unit Manager - Taylor Shaw)

Miss Samantha Wharton (Catering Assistant - Taylor Shaw)

Mrs Katie Topping (Catering Assistant - Taylor Shaw)


Mrs Debbie Gibson (Lead Lunchtime Supervisor / Breakfast Club / First Aid)

Mrs Sharon Bihari (Lunchtime Supervisor / Breakfast Club / First Aid)

Mrs Joanne Simmons (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mrs Viv Ball (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mr Michael Dunn (Lunchtime Supervisor / First Aid)

Mrs Janice Natress (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Miss Lisa Stapleton (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mrs Jackie Welburn (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mrs Celia Herron (Breakfast Club)




After School Club

Miss Fallon Rose (First Aid)




School Crossing Patrol

Mrs Janice Natress




Our Support Staff

Mr Gary Sokell (Caretaker)

Mr David Porter (Caretaker)


Miss Lyndsey Parker (Cleaner)

Mrs Debra Hodkinson-Hickey (Cleaner)

Mrs Linda Murphy (Cleaner)

Mrs Wan Sexton (Cleaner)

Mrs Alison Bowes (Cleaner)


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