Broom Cottages Primary and Nursery School

Broom Cottages Primary and Nursery School

Broom Cottages Primary and Nursery School, Broom Road, Ferryhill, County Durham, DL17 8AN

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We would like all children to attend school in the correct school uniform. By insisting on the wearing of the school logo jumper and the correct school uniform, we would be bringing Broom Cottages in line with most schools in the country. We wish to ensure that the identity of the school is represented by our pupils and that our children are instantly recognisable, both in and around the school and also on school trips etc. Much research suggests that the wearing of school uniforms sets high standards across the school in all areas, an outcome that I'm sure we all strive for.


Our School Uniform Consists of:

  • A Red Logoed Jumper or Cardigan.
  • Black or Dark Grey Trousers or Skirt.
  • Red Gingham Dresses for the girls in Summer.
  • White or Red Polo Shirt.
  • Flat Black Shoes or Black Non-Logoed Trainers.



Our P.E. Kit Consists of:

  • Plain Red or White Round Neck T-Shirts (not vest tops).
  • Plain Black or Red Shorts.
  • Training Shoes.



The P.E. and Swimming Kit Requirements:

  • Every child is required to have an approved P.E. Kit in School AT ALL TIMES.
  • P.E. Shoes or Trainers must be worn.
  • Children may need to have bare feet for some gymnastic and dance lessons.
  • Sometimes lessons will be outdoors, children may bring Track Suits for Winter Outdoor Lessons.
  • Girls must wear a one piece costume and boys swimming trunks, long swimming shorts are not permitted for safety reasons.
  • Each child must wear a Swimming Hat which can be bought from Mrs Warwick our Swimming Instructor at the cost of £1.50.
  • Ear rings must be removed for P.E. and Swimming Lessons.
  • Children may bring a brush or comb but no spray deodorant.
  • Junior children are responsible for inhalers and must ensure they have them for P.E. or Swimming lessons.
  • Teachers will take inhalers to infant P.E. or Swimming lessons.
  • If a child does forget P.E. Kit we have ‘spares’ that they can borrow.
  • Parents must send a letter or contact the school if there is a medical reason why their child cannot take part in P.E. or Swimming lessons.



How to Order: 


We now offer online ordering direct from our suppliers. Please use the link below to place a uniform order.



Please click here to order our uniform online.


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